Client Showcase Plugin

Client Showcase Plugin

To get the Client Showcase Plugin you must create a users account for the site. Once you have registered, you can then login and get to the download page. The download page will be displayed under the WordPress Plugins menu. You must be logged in to see this in the menu.

This is the main page to show what the Client Showcase Plugin can do. As you can see, this client showcase was made to basically display logos in a line and allow a URL link for each image. You can use this plugin to display your clients logos and then link to their websites so your website visitors can quickly just click the logo image and go straight to the clients webpage. You can also use this to do many other things, using images and URL links which displays the image in a line.

After activation of the Client Showcase Plugin, you will see a Client Showcase option in your main left admin nav bar. This plugin creates a new custom post type. You then enter a custom post type for each client. Then using a shortcode you can place your Client Showcase where ever you like. The size of the Client Showcase will all depend on the size of the Featured Images for each Client. So depending on where your would like your Showcase, for example, in a small area of your footer section then would need to have some smaller image sizes. If you would like your client showcase on a full page, then larger images will work fine.

Screen Shot of the Client Showcase Custom Post Type Screen:

In order to have the Client Showcase work correctly you need to provide 3 pieces of information. See highlighted areas.

1. Title for Custom Post Type

2. URL that will be linked to the image

3. Set Featured Image.

Client Showcase Plugin Featured Image Setting

Screen Shot of the List of Custom Post Types:

Client Showcase Plugin Admin List

Screen Shot of shortcode. I just created a new page and added Client Showcase Shortcode:

Client Showcase Plugin Settings Page


New Options for Client Showcase

It has been a while since I released the original version of Client Showcase. I added a couple of  new options that allows the user to arrange the clients  in a particular order using simple Drag N Drop and an option to display your Client List Horizontal or Vertically.  The new updates create an options page for Client Showcase displaying the list of clients with a drag n drop option to arrange the clients in whatever order you wish. The link to the new options page is located under the Settings menu in the Admin Menu on the Left.

Drag N Drop Option



The link to the new options page is located under the Settings menu in the Admin Menu on the Left. (Blue Arrow). Hover over the Name of the Client and you will see the Drag N Drop Arrows. Arrange the clients as needed. The list gets saved automatically as you Drag N Drop the client list. Say, you added some new clients. When you come back to the Client Showcase Options page you will see a Notice. The plugin picks up that you have added new clients and we need to something. Before you leave this page, you MUST Drag N Drop at least one of the clients in order for the new Client list Order to be saved with the new clients.


After you have Drag N Drop at least one of the new clients. REFRESH the page and the Notice will be gone. Your new Client List Order has been saved.



Here is the new Client List, with the new Clients and the order that is displayed on the Client Showcase Options Page. Need to change the order again. Just go to the Client Showcase Options page and Drag N Drop your new order. Go back to the front end and REFRESH the page and your Client List will be displayed in that particular order. Pretty Simple. Don’t forget, when you add a new client, you must come to the Options page and Drag N Drop at least one of your clients in order to activate the save function on this page.


Display List Option

Right above the new Drag N Drop List there is an option to chose how your list displays on the front end of your website. There are only two options: Horizontal or Vertical. Using the drop-down list (Orange Arrow) choose one of the options and then click the Blue Save Changes Button (Green Arrow).



Horizontal List:



Vertical List:



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