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Angular JS No BS Template for Beginners

Technology moves faster than we can keep up. Every week when I read some of my favorite web newsletters, it seems like there is a new JavaScript library. New JavaScript libraries are growing faster than my grass in the summertime. So I decide it was time to learn Angular JS. After spending many hours of reading and completing tutorials, it seems like almost every tutorial had multiple prerequisites before I could even get started. So before I could start learning Angular JS, I need to know some Node JS, Grunt, Bower, etc…  Man I just want to learn Angular. Well, after some more reading I figured out some things for beginners: You do not need to have all of these prerequisites. All you need is a web browser, editor and local development server. Since you will be coding html and javascript at first, there really is no need for a web server or local development server but I suggest a local development server anyway. Without using a server, just code your files in your editor and open up the file in a browser. This is just for beginners. The one key is in your code, you must be including the Angular JS library. After you start to learn more then you can jump into learning more advanced things and then these prerequisites will start to come into play. I even created a bare-bones Angular Template to get beginners started. This template gets rid of all the extra overhead needed for more advanced Angular development. This template is just for beginning to learn the bare basics of Angular. I call it ‘Angular JS No BS Template’. Feel free to grab it from the Github or BitBucket links below.



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